Making economic prosperity more accessible to everyone

There aren't enough successes, and growth is still almost impossible in most parts of Africa. That should change.

Brass started with a simple idea of building truly useful services that can enable commerce and economic prosperity for African local businesses.

We aspire to do this by building fine products that can help boost business activity, remove inefficiencies and provide better performance and growth.

We believe in you

We know that you have what it takes to do great work and we are ready to provide the necessary support you need to succeed.

A partnership that pays

We continuously seek to work with you, understand the products you need and know the partners we can bring onboard to help your business get ahead.

We win when you win

The growth and success of our business is a direct result of our customers', which is why we work so hard to help them win.

Efficiency and clarity

We provide value by removing inefficiencies experienced with existing providers thus helping to simplify your life and give clarity into your business.

What we provide

Starting and running a business is already a test of character, the business financial operation should never have to be. When we started building, we set out to provide you with a few things: