Abba Barde

Read how Abba’s interest in computers and mathematics growing up uncovered a bigger love for Data Science.

Abba Barde


What do you do at Brass?

I’m a Data Scientist.

What does a typical day for you at work look like?

I start up slack at 9am, run through my tasks for the day. I usually get requests from different teams, so I try to attend to them depending on how urgent they are. I take an hour break at 12pm, then I focus on my team’s work between 1 and 4pm. After that I attend to any other requests and messages pending.

Did you always want to be a Data Scientist?

I have always been interested in computers and mathematics right from a young age. While studying computer science, during my final year project by supervisor mentioned that I lookup IoT (Internet of Things), and during that research I came across Big Data, Machine Learning and Data Science. I got really interested in those topics and decided to pursue my Masters in Data Science, since then ive been a data scientist for over 5 years now.

When you are not working, what do you enjoy doing?

I try to cover at least 10km while running each week. I enjoy learning new things (youtube, books e.t.c) and spending good time with friends. I like meeting new people also.

What is the one thing you are most proud of?

The amount of work i’ve put in to be a data scientist and my experience so far as a data scientist.

What is the one thing you have learnt at Brass that has helped you with your growth?

Taking initiative, owning several projects and their outcome. This has helped me develop my self confidence.

How would you describe what you do to a five year old?

Teaching computers to learn about the world by studying patterns and looking at examples. For example building a robot that can identify cats or dogs in images.

Which of Brass’s pillar of culture do you resonate with and why ?

Growth mindset, I love taking on new ideas and collaborating with others to solve problems.

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