Oluwadamilola Babalola

Oluwadamilola Babalola’s love for web solutions birthed his career as a frontend engineer who enjoys listening to Blinkists.

Oluwadamilola Babalola


What do you do at Brass?

I’m a frontend engineer.

What does a typical day for you at work look like?

I get up at 6 am usually but at 8 am when I work late the previous night. I often go for a run when I feel like it. Then I take breakfast when I have something prepared or chill till 12 noon or 1 pm to get something to eat after doing some work. I start getting ready for work during/after my breakfast which could be by 8:30 am or 9 am, then work till 2 pm or 3 pm when I try to take a lunch break. I get back to work after the lunch break and work till around 7 pm. Afterward, I sometimes step out or stay in to watch some movies/TV series.

What is your favourite thing about working at Brass?

My favourite thing about working at Brass is the culture. It encourages a healthy work relationship which makes work enjoyable and productive.

Did you always want to be a frontend engineer?

My passion for web solutions and user experience drove me to become a frontend engineer, so yes, I have always wanted to be a frontend engineer.

When you are not working, what do you enjoy doing?

I enjoy going out, meeting up with some friends, streaming movies and TV series, going to the cinema, taking courses, listening to Blinkists, watching YouTube videos on technology, cars, music (live performance), and movie review and trailers, scrolling through Instagram feed and stories, etc.

What is the one thing you have learned at Brass that has helped you with your growth?

Ownership! It encourages me to expand my skill set, take on additional responsibilities, ask questions, develop ideas and get feedback on my efforts.

How would you describe what you do to a five-year-old?

I help make it easy for my company to make friends.

How would you describe Brass’s work-life balance?

The work-life balance has been good. It is the first time in my career that I can close my laptop and not work when on leave or weekend.

Which of Brass’s pillars of culture do you resonate with and why?

Intellectual honesty. It allows for the expression of ideas to emerge and encourages constant learning and improvement.

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