Queen Esi believes the customer service team is the heart of every business

Queen explains to us why good customer service is an effective customer retention plan.

Queen Esi believes the customer service team is the heart of every business


What’s your role at Brass?

I work as a Customer Success Associate.

Describe what you do in a few sentences.

I am the face behind most of the emails that go out to customers at Brass. This also includes social media.

Have you always wanted to work in a customer-facing role?

Yes. 99% of my career has always been in customer service. Particularly for financial institutions. I tried my hands in sales but I didn’t enjoy that. Customer service is where my heart is. I enjoy it.

Why do you think the customer service team is very important in every company?

Personally, I think the customer service team is the most important team in any company because every complaint is a gift.

A gift?

Yes, let me explain. If a customer comes to you with a complaint, he is trying to stick with you. Complaining means he wants something better and goes directly to the company’s mouthpiece, which is my team. Some customers don’t complain and stop using your product. You never hear from them; they ghost you. That means you have lost them forever. So complaints are gifts because it allows the company to fix the issue and keep the customer.

I think I understand, it is one thing for a customer to sign up but good customer service helps keep them

Absolutely! it’s a good customer retention trick.

How would you describe what you’re doing to a five-year-old?

I am a superhero at work. I answer all questions and solve problems when needed.

One of the pillars of our culture at Brass is customer first; how do you translate that when talking to customers?

My own translation to a customer first is ensuring that I can put smiles on my customers’ faces. I go out of my way to see problems are solved. I escalate issues immediately and also look for alternatives if it is a problem that cannot be solved immediately.

What do you love most about working at Brass?

I love the fact that there is trust and transparency. We work remotely here, and when I first joined, I wondered how that would be possible and also figured there were monitoring teams, but that’s not the case. The trust is there, and everyone has the productivity to show for it. You can assign tasks to your colleague and expect them to be done on time. You rarely get that, even in companies where you come in daily.

What’s the best advice you have ever received here?

A team member once told me, ‘Queen, develop yourself. Make sure you’re getting better at what you do. That was priceless advice. Especially since it was coming from someone I work with directly. It just meant the person didn’t see me as a competitor; instead was fighting for my growth. That’s another reason I love working here; we all look out for one another. It is a beautiful thing to see.

That’s nice. So have you been working on that?

Oh yeah! absolutely