Temitayo Ajolopo

Temitayo Ajolopo’s passion for cooking got reignited when she joined the Brass team.

Temitayo Ajolopo


What do you do at Brass?

I am the Business Development Representative at Brass. I identify and develop strategic and commercial partnerships that present growth opportunities. I manage these partnerships to ensure goals are achieved by working with internal cross- functional teams to coordinate appropriate resources, all the way through closing out deals.

What does a typical day for you at work look like?

My typical work day starts at 8am. I go over my to-do list which I try to put together the night before so I have an overall mental picture of how my day will go. I look at my performance for the month thus far, this gives me a boost of motivation. Then, I have syncs with my partners and troubleshoot or receive feedback from them. In some cases, I may need to escalate these issues to various teams it may concern and offer my recommendations. Then I go for my lunch break at 2-3pm. Then, I follow up with these escalated issues to ensure these issues are resolved.

What is your favourite thing about working at Brass?

The people. I am able to show up at every room as myself and not feel out of place. My colleagues at brass make Brass feel like a second home and in comparison to my previous work experiences, this is a huge thing for me.

Did you always want to be a Business Development Manager?

Nope, like most first daughters in Nigerian homes, I wanted to be a doctor. But I’m grateful for the journey that led me to Business Development because I enjoy what I do.

When you are not working, what do you enjoy doing?

I enjoy watching comedy shows especially rewatching my favourite Modern family and The Office episodes. I also enjoy listening to music, reading, going out sometimes and taking pictures I rarely post. WFH has reignited my love for cooking as well.

What is the one thing you are most proud of?

My personal growth on the job. Looking back to when I joined, I would say I have grown and I have learnt a lot about my role and how I fit into this. This has impacted my confidence positively and I am really proud of myself cause I did THAT!

What is the one thing you have learnt at Brass that has helped you with your growth?

I would say Ownership. There is a clear picture of our achieving my goals on my role affects the overall goals of Brass as a company so this has taught me to be more accountable

How would you describe what you do to a five year old?

I “work to make my company bigger.”

How would you describe Brass’s work-life balance?

I would say it’s good. I have been able to adequately prioritise the demands of my job without having to sacrifice the demands of my personal life. I have a great balance with the two.

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