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Top-end financial tools to help your business with its financial operations and cash flow.

We help companies of all types work better, save time and money with a simply better banking service that works.


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Built for today’s ambitious businesses

Thousands of forward-thinking businesses rely on Brass everyday to turbo-charge their business financial operations

We have to move really fast with our portfolio companies and Brass has helped us validate a lot of ideas and turned them to businesses with the ease of creating sub-accounts.

Simi Adejumo, Hustler Capital

Simi Adejumo, Hustler Capital

Integrations that matter

Brass is seamlessly integrated with the tools your team is already familiar with.


Add Brass to your company’s slack to receive real-time notifications, send team mate invitations, and generate account statements.


Manage your business finance by sync your invoices and payments with quickbooks.


Manage your business cashflow, invoices and activities by sync your account with sage.


Connect your Brass account to the thousands of apps on the zapier platform.

<span>Our support team is <br class="text-break" /> your team</span>

Our support team is
your team

Our support team are a mix of bankers and growth experts ready to help you. With a Brass account, you get a team that is genuinely seeking to understand your business and provide solutions for its financial operations.

We are committed to going beyond issue resolution to becoming your partner in the growing and smooth running of your business.

Go further with resources to get started

We have partnered with businesses on the same mission as ours to help local businesses. We have also added resources you need to start, run and grow your business.

Why you need a separate business current account

Why you need a separate business current account

The reason for them and how to open a Brass account

Working on the right idea

Working on the right idea

How to figure out the right business idea for you.

What you need to know about business credit

What you need to know about business credit

How business credit can work for you.

Some of the things you may want to know

We answered questions so you don’t have to ask them.

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