The Top 10 Most Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas From Us

We put together a list of 10 thoughtful gift ideas you can purchase right now from our Brass customer list just in time for Valentine’s Day

The Top 10 Most Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas From Us


The best time to purchase a Valentine’s day gift for your loved ones was last month. The second best time is after reading this article. While we appreciate our loved ones every day, Valentine’s Day is that special day when we are super intentional about expressing our love and appreciation to them through gifts and acts of kindness.

We put together a list of 10 thoughtful gift ideas you can purchase right now and just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Exquisite Jewellery from Refine Studio


You know how jewellery just makes everything better? This particular brand’s products multiplies that effect by three. A purchase from this store will have the recipient even more in love with you.

Click here to purchase.

A Speed Dating slot on The Faaji App


Invest in your friend’s romantic life by getting them a slot at The Faaji App speed dating event, so next year’s Valentine can be a different story. Plus, who says you can’t purchase one for you and your partner 🤷🏽‍♀️

Book a slot here.

Games from TVP Games


This gift option assures you the longevity of the ‘Aww, thank you’ effect, as they will remember you whenever the games are played.

Shop here.

Luxury Scented Candles from Riella Luxe


When all gift ideas fail, scented candles stand strong like the Hulk. You can never go wrong with the right scented candle, and these ones qualify as “right”.

Shop here.

Statement Maker Jewellery from Enehi


If you’re going for the head-turning experience, then this is your plug. Shop exclusive polymer clay earrings from Enehi for your loved ones this Valentine.

Click here to purchase.

Timeless Art Pieces from Anthony Azekwoh


Anthony Azekwoh makes quintessential art that will continue to remain relevant centuries from now. It’s the perfect investment for that special someone and will keep you top of mind whenever they look at it.

Buy here.

Skincare Products from Arami Essentials


Buying anyone skincare products from Arami Essentials is the ultimate show of love which makes it the perfect gift for Valentine.

Shop here

Paint and Sip Experience with The Art Room NG


Spend Valentine’s Day enjoying the serene and therapeutic paint and sip sessions specially curated by the best in the game. Who knows? You could even discover your inner Picasso. Win-Win 🎉

Book a session here

Well-Packed Gift Boxes from Etsebox


When in doubt, outsource. If you’d rather an expert curate a unique gift box for that special someone, then search no more.

Order here.

Attention-arresting Socks from Smiley Socks


Wearing boring socks is now a thing of the past. Whether for corporate or loungewear, there’s a Smiley Socks for every occasion.

Shop here.

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