Invoices By Brass: What's new?

We have redesigned our invoice product and added three new features to come with it.

Invoices By Brass: What's new?


Last year, we released the first version of our invoices. In the first version, you could create and send invoices. You could also arrange them unto one dashboard so that you get to see the amount of paid invoices created and also unpaid invoices.

We have upgraded our invoices and introduced new features to go with it.

What’s new?

  1. Send your invoices in instalments
  2. Create and save editable invoices to your drafts
  3. Include Tax and discounts in your invoices

Sending your invoices in instalments

We have introduced a more flexible way to send invoices. You can now send invoices in instalments to your customers. These instalments can be set to be sent at certain dates. You can also choose a date further into the future if they are based on milestones. Don’t worry, an email will be sent to you a day before each instalment is sent.

By adding instalments to your invoices, you only need to create one invoice and your customer will get these instalments on their assigned dates. These instalments will come with an invoice breakdown which shows the total amount, amount due, and outstanding balance if any.

How do I get paid ?

The invoice page has been redesigned to include the instalment section beneath the invoice. This section has been marked in green.

10.005 New Action - Send Invoice.jpg

The section starts you with one instalment but you can add more by clicking on the plus sign.

Split your invoice percentages between each instalment and hit continue when ready.

Include tax and discounts in your invoices

Preparing for discount season in your company? You can set discounts for your clients. There are two ways to put in your discounts. Percentages and fixed.

The percentage discount lets you enter a percentage that will be taken off the total of the line items while fixed discount lets you enter an exact amount that will be deducted from the total of the line items.

You can also include tax charges. The default tax charge is currently set to 7.5% as in accordance with Nigerian laws but this is editable and can be changed.

We have included the section for taxes and discounts in the main invoice template.

Saving editable invoices to drafts

Our invoices are now editable! Incase you are not ready to send an invoice, you can easily save them as drafts by clicking on the ‘Save to drafts’ button at the bottom left when creating an invoice.

save to draft.jpg

How do I edit an invoice ?

After sending an invoice, you will only be allowed to make changes to the invoice and due dates on each instalment. What this means is that the total invoice amounts and percentage split between each instalment will be locked so double check these before sending out an invoice. If you aren’t sure about the invoice details, you can always save to your drafts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I send all the instalments?

You can only send the first instalment. Future instalments are automated and would be sent on the invoice date provided.

  • When I send instalments, will I be paid all at once?

When you select pay with Brass, all your instalments would be treated as separate invoices to help you with your bookkeeping processes.

  • Can I delete an instalment?

Instalments can be deleted by clicking on remove.

  • Can I edit my invoice once I receive my date for instalment payments?

Once you have decided on a date for your instalment(s), you can edit and send it later.

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