From Passion to Profit: Anthony Azekwoh has turned his passion for storytelling into a business model that propelled his brand to global audiences.

Anthony Azekwoh is a Lagos-based digital artist and author whose unique art style creates captivating mystical worlds and tells authentic stories. The work from Anthony Azekwoh continues to connect and influence the lives of millions around the world.

Anthony Azekwoh
Anthony Azekwoh

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Following the sudden success of his painting - the Red Man, Anthony’s brand found international exposure that required better structures to sustain growth. With new demands to coordinate print sales, customer engagement, track data, organise shows and provide these services to as many people as possible, whilst ensuring long term financial success, Anthony had to restructure his operations to run as a small business.


Anthony employed a small team of five people, and with limited time and human capacity, it was important to have a reliable banking partner to provide fast and easy onboarding, a seamless way to track and reconcile payments and an overview of the brand’s financial growth. Brass provided Anthony’s team with the freedom and flexibility to operate banking services wherever and enabled smooth operations through Brass’ sub-accounts feature, which eased the administrative demands on his multitasking team as it gave team members autonomy with reconciling payments. Anthony’s team also had access to a personal account manager to work directly with them in supporting their financial needs.


Anthony has built a global audience and a business brand that successfully caters to international demand. Brass helped Anthony’s team better understand their cash flow, set financial targets, and manage finances as a business.

Anthony Azekwoh

Choosing Brass was a very easy decision because we needed something fast and easy to onboard. I also don't have the energy and time to be waiting or go through tedious procedures. I remember it took us a day to set the whole thing off. Brass was easy, convenient, and fast. And they are very responsive.

Anthony Azekwoh

Anthony Azekwoh

Artist, Anthony Azekwoh