Bioloop harnesses a simple solution to future-proof Nigeria’s food systems.

Bioloop is a bio-refinery that creates sustainable, closed systems to produce essential food value-chain products through the bio-conversion of organic waste.


Products used

  • Sub accounts
  • Invoices
  • Recurring payments

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Bioloop is driven by big ambitions to revolutionise Nigeria’s food, waste and energy systems using a cost-effective solution - the black soldier fly. As an agricultural solution, with primary operations on their production site in a low-developed area, efficiency and access to reliable banking services is critical to their mission and bottom line.


Bioloop wanted a digital banking solution that will optimise their efficiency and support quick transactions whilst on-site. They chose Brass for reliable service, accessibility on the go, a smooth user experience, automated services and ease of group banking with a growing team.


Brass helps Bioloop automate services and save time through recurring payments. Bioloop also empowers their employees to run operations on-site and handle payments using sub-accounts.


“I’m always looking for ways to optimize productivity and efficiency so once I saw Brass, a digital corporate banking solution, it was pretty easy to start using, and the onboarding process made it a lot easier. It’s a pretty straightforward experience, which has definitely saved us a lot of time and stress.”


Bomi Fagbemi

Founder, Bioloop