Gamr Africa provides infrastructure for Africa’s gaming ecosystem.

Gamr is a web and mobile e-sports gaming app platform that operates at the heart of the esports industry in Africa. Gamr uses technology and community to break barriers and create global access for African gamers.

Gamr Africa
Gamr Africa

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Gamr Africa utilises technology to create a thriving and lucrative gaming ecosystem in Africa. Currently, Gamr sits in the number one spot when it comes to e-sports in Africa. To ensure continuous provision of the gaming infrastructure, Gamr needed a business bank that went beyond providing an account to one that would help grow their business and offer them the financial freedom to scale their impact.


As a new and innovative company making huge strides in the Nigerian gaming ecosystem, the need for business growth was evident. Gamr was able to access the capital needed at competitive interest rates, with no need for collateral using the Brass Capital feature. By utilising this feature, Gamr met its business growth goals and, eventually, made a name for itself as the home of gaming in Africa.


Gamr was able to onboard over 210,000 gamers and participated in more than 600 tournaments. With Brass’s support, Gamr could access the capital needed to take their business from zero to number one. Aside from that, they’ve also changed the narrative and possibilities for gaming culture in Africa and now invest in future pro players.

Gamr Africa

Brass is just like Gamr, it’s innovative, and unlike the regular bank, they are committed to actually helping you grow your business.

Gamr Africa

Kunmi Adenipebi

COO, Gamr Africa