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Sunday, December 4, 2022

4 Ways You Can Boost Sales During The Festive Season

4 Ways You Can Boost Sales During The Festive Season

With Christmas comes more shopping 🎄

As a business owner, it’s only natural that you’re always looking for ways to increase sales. This includes recognising opportunities you can take advantage of in your everyday life.

Every year, from November until mid-January, millions of businesses worldwide take advantage of the festive season to boost their sales and in turn, generate more profit.

The festive season has transcended beyond being just a time to celebrate with family and friends but also a time to make huge profit.

Ready to boost your business sales during this festive season? Here are our top 4 tips:

Offer special discounts

There’s no better time to offer product discounts than during the Christmas holidays. In this season of happiness and gift shopping, many customers look forward to shopping from businesses that offer discount sales. This is also a great time to run a clearance sale if you run a retail business to prepare for a new year and also offer rewards to your customers.

Personalise your brand marketing

As a business owner during the holiday season, you need to position your brand marketing in a way that connects with your target audience. That way, you can easily develop strategies to attract customers and encourage them to buy what you are selling. Marketing strategies for young adults are usually different from strategies for children. Therefore, we recommend conducting an audience check in order to create personalised messages better suited to your audiences needs.

Offer free shipping

According to this article, 73% of people are more likely to buy an item if it includes free shipping and companies with free shipping have a 20% higher conversion rate than those without this option. In a season where many businesses are positioning to boost sales, you want your business to stand out, and offering free shipping can give you that edge.

Improve the buying experience

More than ever, this is the season to make it extremely easy for your customers to find you. If you run a bakery in Magodo, your store should be on the first google page when your potential customer searches “Bakery in Magodo”, and after they find you, you want to ensure that the whole buying experience is done swiftly and efficiently. Once you hack this, retaining your customers will be a piece of cake.

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The festive season is the perfect time to get your business noticed, especially if you’re a small business. Beyond making sales, it’s also an excellent opportunity to create and retain a customer base.

Additionally, because the holiday also signifies new beginnings, you can take advantage of this special season to register your business using Launchpad and get a current account provisioned for you from the comfort of your home.